Cherry Berry Sugar Scrub

Cherry Berry Body Scrub    In celebration of Independence Day this Friday, I decide to make a beautiful red white and blue sugar scrub (I love a festive holiday). The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays! I don’t know if it’s the food, fireworks or a combination of both, but I really enjoy Independence Day.  Cherry Berry Sugar Scrub     My sister told me if I want to experience a real Fourth of July I need to head to the east coast! Unfortunately I have only been to the East Coast once and it was to visit her! It’s odd, but I have only been to one fireworks show I can actually remember. I hope to experience Independence Day on the East coast someday (firework show here I come).

Cherry Berry Sugar Scrub

When using gel icing, make sure you use a small amount or it will stain your hands and body. You may be stained, but you will smell like cherries and berries. This scrub smelled so good, that I was ask to make the scrub for party favors. I have been working on adding the scrub to little baggies and decided to share this patriotic scrub with you!

Cherry Berry Sugar Scrub

Cherry Berry Sugar Scrub Recipe:
3 cups sugar
1 ½ cups oil (I used coconut)
¼ tsp. mixed berry powder mix
¼ cherry powder mix
Red gel icing (small amount)
Blue gel icing (small amount)
Sugar Scrub Directions: Place one cup of sugar in 3 medium bowls. Add the red coloring to one bowl and blue to another, one should be left white. Mix in ½ cup oil to each bowl and stir in until the sugar turns color. Add cherry drink mix to red bowl and mix berry to blue bowl. Layer jars or baggies with sugar scrub. Once done, store until it’s time to use or give them away.


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    This scrub looks so pretty and festive! I love the sound of the cherry and berry mix and can imagine how wonderful this smells :)

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