Lotion Bar Mishap (How not to add Color)

Lotion Bar Mishap (How not to add Color)      Nothing is better than making homemade lotion bars, and if you can’t make them the next best thing is purchasing them handmade. It’s a big difference then the stuff you find at most big box stores. While I was making lotion bars for the body shop. I decided I would make some for my sister and her friends; adding a little bit of color with a fruity scent. I also wanted to give you guys the recipe so you could try it, but once I added the kool aid everything went downhill!

Lotion Bar Mishap (How not to add Color)      I spent an hour trying to get the lotion bars to turn colors and they never did.  I just kept adding more kool aid until it all floated to the bottom of the liquid. I got desperate and decided to add a few drops of food coloring , well that just floated to the top of the liquid like lava. I thought maybe once I pour the mixture into molds and let them set they would turn colors. Well they didn’t and I was at a total lost!

Lotion Bar Mishap (How not to add Color)      I had a big mess on my hands! Even though the lotion bars were nice, the grit from all the kool aid made it a waist and I had to throw them out. Just like with the fish fertilizer in my garden I learned another lesson about adding food coloring and flavor packets to lotion bars. I am currently working on a lotion bar recipe with added colors!


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    Yikes, sorry to hear about the lotion bars. Can’t wait to see your next batch – I know you’ll come up with a recipe that rocks :)

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    I think the problem you were facing was that both those types of colorant are soluble in water. The lotion bars are made from oil so that is why it just sank to the bottom or floated to the top. Next time try your colorant in a little bit of the oil you intend to use and see if it dissolves. You would have been better trying some of the natural colorants you can infuse into oils. Some examples are alkanet, madder, paprika, annatto. However I would be wary of over colouring a lotion bar as you wouldn’t want a leave on product to stain skin, clothing or furnishings. I hope you manage to find an alternative solution :)

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