Leaf Burn from Fish Fertilizer

Over fertilization

I wanted to update you a bit on my garden, we usually use a fish emulsion every 3-5 weeks in the garden but apparently this time the vegetables were not having it. I honestly believe it was a combination of not shading them and the fish emulsion. I guess the packaging is misleading because my poor babies did burn!

I was totally heartbroken about the situation because I take a look at them every day to make sure there not too hot! I make sure they are watered enough, and all the research I did! Just too think they could be taken out by some fish fertilizer! I am a bit attached to them and it was a bit devastating to see them so lifeless. I will not be using any liquid fertilizer for the rest of the summer. I just hope that they revive pretty soon.

Over fertilization Over fertilization Over fertilization Over fertilization Over fertilization

I am going to give them a week and if I don’t see any change I am going to pull them up and start all over. I guess I learned a less about over fertilization of my babies ( I’m blaming Josh for this one).  


    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      I am trying, I am thinking about giving them one more week before I pull my babies up :(


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