No Longer a Food Blogger

I put up this video yesterday about a few updates and I wanted to talk a little about why I know longer consider myself a food blogger. I honestly don’t think I was a food blogger to begin with, but here we go!


When I first started blogging I really just wanted to document my weight loss journey and meet new people. Before I even started blogging there were a couple of blogs I use to read that made my day. Gracefulfitness was one blog that inspired me to turn savynaturalista,  into a creative source for all people to come and learn something new.  In the beginning I was fascinated with food photography, food porn, creating and writing about food.  It all started with my 30 day smoothie challenge, it was such a hit that I would get emails from readers telling me I should write a recipe book. I thought a recipe book was way out of league, and a food blog was much easier to share my recipes.

I finally decided to go ahead and turn savynaturalista into a food lover’s dream! I created lots of recipes some healthy and some not so healthy, but as I was creating those recipe I honestly felt as if there was no since of community. Most food bloggers work with lots of big brands and have a niche, whether it’s vegan, low fat, baking or sweets they have a specific community they cling too. I felt as I had none of that. I would always ask myself: What did food blogging mean to me? For some odd reason I could never answer the question. Too this day, I can still look at food blogs for hours and never get bored.

My ambitions for savynaturalista to become a food lover’s dream slowly faded away. I guess you can say that’s why my writing slowed down and creating recipes was more of a chore for me! Eventually I finally decided that savynaturalista was more than just a food blog, it’s a community where we can talk about beauty, health issues and fads; make great food and live simple naturally. Now that I have come to that realization, you will be seeing more DIY’s, tips and videos.

I am no longer a food blogger, but a girl who loves to create recipes!





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    Thanks for this post and the video Shundara. I completely understand and you should definitely write or post about things that you are interested in or excite you. Sometimes taking a break to recharge or refuel when posting feels like a chore helps a lot but in the end, do what feels right to you :)
    No matter what you decide, I’m glad that we got to connect through the blogging world as I always love seeing the healthy creations you make and creative home made beauty products :)
    Hope you have a great weekend :)

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    I love your blog because it doesn’t just focus on food! You have so many great tips and beauty tricks that I never knew. I always come looking at your blog when there’s a birthday around the corner because you’re so creative, there’s always something perfect to make or experiment with :)

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