Sugar Substitutes: Coconut Sugar

Today we will be talking about coconut sugar! This is the second series in substitutes for sugar, and if you miss the first post check it out! Palm Sugar Sugar Substitutes: Coconut Sugar      When I first started using coconut sugar I would double the amount of coconut sugar when the recipe calls for sugar. I would use two cups of coconut sugar to substitute for one cup of regular sugar. This would end in disaster for me especially when baking cookies; they would be too soft and even crumble. It’s also adding more calories than needed when doubling coconut sugar. I recommend using half coconut sugar and half regular sugar or you can do ¾ cups coconut sugar and 4tbsps. regular sugar (this ratio worked for me as I was getting use to the flavor of coconut sugar) when baking.

Sugar Substitutes: Coconut Sugar      Coconut sugar is not as sweet as palm sugar and don’t compare it to regular sugar! I have learn to love coconut sugar for it’s unique flavor. Coconut sugar has caramel notes and is not that sweet but you will enjoy it. It is great to use in baking cookies, breads, and making certain pies; it’s not so great in making candies and jams.  You can find this sugar at any grocery store! The trick is you half to look. I have found it at a few Walmart’s depending on the location and Fresh and Easy sells it as well. If all else fails you can purchase it online. Amazon has a great deal if you buy it in bundles..

Have you ever tried coconut sugar? What is your favorite way to use it?


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    I’ve always seen coconut sugar but have never tried it. I’ve read that some people can confuse it with palm sugar too. It sounds awesome for baking, thanks for sharing Shundara and will keep a look out for it next time :) Hope you have a great week girl!

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    I started using coconut sugar last year, I absolutely love it, but never had tried them in baking, only sauces and savory dishes, so it wasn’t a problem for me. Thanks for the awesome tip, what is your favorite sugar brand? I love the vegan sugar at Whole Foods.

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      They pretty much taste the same to me,so I don’t have a particular brand. I didn’t know they had vegan sugars. I am going to half to check them out next time I am in wholefoods..

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