Sugar Substitutes: Palm Sugar

Sugar Substitutes: Palm Sugar      I am doing a series of post that will talk about my top four favorite sugar substitutes. If you’re on a sugar detox or looking for healthier sugars you will enjoy this series. These sweeteners will not have the same great taste as regular sugar, but if you are trying to stay off the sweet stuff these are great alternatives that are low in calories.

Sugar Substitutes: Palm Sugar       Palm sugar is my all-time favorite sugar substitute, and if there was a way I could grind it up and make it into granulated sugar (I did try it and the blades on my food processor broke) I would. 1 tbsp is 28 calories! You can’t beat that! Palm sugar should not be confused with coconut sugar; in my opinion palm sugar is much sweeter but if you are curious about the difference between the two checkout this article.

Sugar Substitutes: Palm Sugar

Palm sugar is as close as you’re going to get to real sugar in taste (in my opinion)! This sugar is great for making candies, jams, simple syrups, and anything on the stove top. Not so good for baking. Palm sugar is hard as a rock so be prepared to use a hammer; a knife will not cut through this big block. If you live in phoenix you can find this sugar at most Asian markets. I recommend going to Lee Lees; if you’re not in phoenix you can try your local Asian or international market. If you can’t find it there try online.


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    What a great series especially for those of us that are still trying to go through a sugar detox :) Love palm sugar and I use it a lot in asian noodles and stir fries and sometimes baking. It can definitely be a pain to get it to a powdered form – I usually use a hand grater but I’ve read that some people have had success using their coffee grinder but I don’t have one so haven’t tried that method yet.

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      Kelly!! Grater sounds like a good ideal! I should have tried that one, it would have saved me the pain of buying a new food processor! Have a great weekend Kelly! :)!

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    This article is great! I bought some palm sugar a long long time ago when I went to Asia, but unfortunately I wasn’t really into cooking/ baking at that time (I was quite young). I really hope I can get some at the asian store 😀 Thanks for the tip!

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      I hope you find it Josefine you will love it! I would love to see the treats you come up with! Thank you :)

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      Thank you Christin! Don’t cut back to much your brownies keep me going! :) Have a great weekend


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