Carrot and Chickpea Cakes

Carrot and Chickpea Cakes I am a big fan of chickpeas, but when I first had them they tasted just like chalk to me. Overtime I acquired a taste for them and now I love them. On the other hand Josh can’t stand them, so when he actually asked for seconds I knew these were a hit.

Carrot and Chickpea Cakes I did add them over a salad with some Italian dressing which really brought out the flavors of the cakes. The carrot and chickpea cakes were savory and I adored the tangy notes. Carrot and Chickpea Cakes If you’re a looking for a healthy new savory snack or dinner ideal; these little cakes are low in fat and high in protein. If you don’t enjoy Italian dressing you can always try yogurt since it’s very tangy and may go well with the cakes.

Carrot and Chickpea Cakes Carrot and Chickpea Cakes Recipe:
1 ¾ cups chickpeas (smashed)
1 cup shredded carrots
¼ cups seasoned bread crumbs
1 egg
Italian dressing (optional)
Salt (to taste)
Recipe Directions:Preheat oven to 350 degrees, lined a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. In a medium bowl mash chickpeas coarsely with a fork or potato masher; stir in carrots, egg, and bread crumbs.  Scoop out about 2 tablespoons of dough and shape in to 8 medium size patties. Place in oven and bake for 20 minutes or until cakes or lightly brown on both sides, turning half way through baking time. Once done let cool and serve over your favorite salad with Italian dressing for dipping.


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    Ive never thought of making cakes with chickpeas before, and as a lover of chickpeas these are making my mouth water just by looking at them, they look so delicious!


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    I used to dislike chickpeas too and now I love them any way they’re prepared :) These chickpea cakes look awesome and remind me a bit of falafels and sound super tasty and healthy with all the shredded carrots! Can’t wait to give this a try, thanks Shundara!

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    This is so interesting…I also used to dislike chickpeas or thought I did. Now I really enjoy them. I’m not sure what happened and I can see I’m not alone. I’m about to make a chickpea soup and this idea for cakes looks really good. Light yet hearty is perfect right now. : )

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    I used to despise chickpeas few years ago, but I love that you can use them in many ways – from creamy ‘Alfredo’ to ‘salad’ (an alternative to ‘tuna’ salad). The carrots bring a beautiful vibrant color to the ‘cakes’, I would love to experiment it with chickpeas and possibly egg replacer for a burger patty.

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      That sounds so lovely Rika! I had know clue you could actually make creamy Alfredo sauce with them! I am going to half to play with them a bit more :)


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