Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub

Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub It has been so cold these past few days in the valley that all I wanna do is just lay in bed when the alarm goes off. I need to go shopping for some sweaters and winter coats; my clothes are made for temps in the 70’s not 40’s. I should be happy it’s not snowing but I have no clue what that’s like!  Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub Since we are in the month of December, I thought I would have made a scrub with mint in it. I just have not been in the mood for mint at all. This year I have been in love with spices. Ginger and cinnamon have been in my top two. Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub Gingersnap cookie scrub reminds me of ginger snaps and the scent is amazing. I even wanted to bake some ginger snaps after using this scrub. Most of my scrubs I like to give away but I am going to hold on to this one because it smells too good to pass up.

Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub Recipe:
2 cups sugar
1.5 cups oil (I used olive)
1 tbsp. cinnamon
½ tbsp. ginger
¼ cup molasses
Recipe Directions: In a bowl add sugar and spices; mix until all the spices are mixed in with the sugar. Slowly add molasses and oil to the mixture. You want to mix until the mixture becomes thick; if you don’t like a thick mixture add more oil. Place in airtight container and give away as gifts or keep for yourself.


  1. says

    Hehe, it’s been really cold here too with some snow but fortunately it has melted away. Your scrubs sound like awesome gifts and I love how lovely this gingersnap scrub sounds :)


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