Pretty in Pink Body Butter

Pretty in Pink Body Butter I created Pretty in Pink Body Butter for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a great gift to give all the lovely women in your life who have survived one of the most painful and emotional experiences they’ve went through.

Pretty in Pink Body Butter

Pretty in Pink Body Butter

National Breast cancer awareness month is a month I am very passionate about. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and on December 17, 2004 she lost her battle to breast cancer. It was on of the darkest and painful times of my life; losing my best friend and the only person I could talk to. My mom’s battle with cancer was very painful. I saw a lot and heard a lot, she kept so much hidden on the inside. When I look back I wish she would have opened up.

Pretty in Pink Body Butter

I have been supporting the cause and have volunteered at many events in the pass. This year I wanted to make something special for all those women who are still fighting to survive. Losing your hair, feeling sick all the time, being depressed and not wanting to do anything does not mean you’re not beautiful! You are beautiful!  Living another day, being able to fight for your life is all that we can ask. You are strong and beautiful and this body butter is a gift for all of you..

Pretty in Pink Body Butter

Pretty in Pink Body Butter Recipe:

1 cup Coconut Oil

1 ½ cup vegetable shortening

1-3 drops pink food dye (I used gel)

5-10 drops essential oils (optional)

Recipe Directions: In a large bowl place coconut oil, shortening and 1 drop of food dye. Use your electric mixer and combine all the ingredients until they become a pink whip. Add 2 more drops of food coloring and your favorite essentials oils (I used rose oil). Take a rubber spatula and whip the butter until the essential oils and dye have been incorporated. Store in glass Jars and enjoy.

Pretty in Pink Body Butter


Use just a bit, this butter goes along way!!!


  1. says

    I love this idea. My grandma died from breast cancer a few years ago (after fighting and going into remission on numerous occasions. It was a long hard battle) and my great aunt (my grandma’s sister) was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. This would be a great gift to keep her spirts up :)

  2. Thorthong (Inq) Soncharoen says

    Wowwwww!!! You inspired me and now when I grow up (im just 13…) and have my own money I will help people who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Sure I will… but in many years time. Lol

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      I hope you do! :) It will be such a wonderful gift to help those in need! I am rooting for you :)

  3. Natasha says

    This looks so lovely! Should the coconut oil and shortening be melted or room temperature?

    thanks! :)

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      No need to melt the oils because they may not whip to the consistency of butter if you melt them. :) A little goes along way :)

  4. Cheri says

    What do you use this for? Is it for moisturizing in the shower and you rinse it off or do you put it on dry skin after bathing? It seems it would be quite greasy. I love your site and you are amazing! Hugz!!!

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      It’s a body butter you would use when your skin get’s dry. It’s perfect to use after the shower and it does get a bit oily. Just use a little bit, it goes along way. If you don’t want it too oily, you can add a bit of tapioca starch to cut down on the oil. Thanks so much! :)

  5. says

    This is great! I love your website <3
    It would really help if you'll include the shelf life of the product/s in your blog.
    Thank you!

  6. SaraM says

    I have never seen Vegetable shortening used in any of these types of recipes. Is there a significance to using the shortening or can you omit it?


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