Cream Soap (DIY)

Cream Soap (DIY)

I finally have a recipe for cream soap (bath whip) that only requires four ingredients! Three days lots of lard, oil and shortening before I got this recipe and it’s vegan friendly. I wanted to make a cream soap recipe with ingredients that could  be purchased at your local store. This recipe is for all you who wanted to make cream soap and not half to buy lye!!!  Every youtube video I have watched requires you to use lye for whip soap! I am not a professional soap maker so no need for lye!  No lye in whip soap is a reality and it all started with this cheap homemade body wash that I made. Once the weather cooled down this stuff decided to thicken up (which is what you want your cream soap to do).

Cream Soap (DIY)

Cream Soap (DIY)

Cream Soap (DIY)

Cream Soap (DIY)

I bought more soap and just boiled it down put it in cups and let it cool.This is the only warm step in the cream soap process, all your ingredients should be cold; you don’t want your shortening and oils to melt as your making your cream soap. Keep everything cold and make sure you soap is lukewarm or cold!.

Cream Soap (DIY)

You can use any soap you would like. I used the cheapest one I could find (while experimenting) which was 3 soaps for one dollar. I only used one bar of soap for the cream soap and didn’t get much of a lather when I used it in the shower( still working on getting a thick lather). It makes a great shaving cream. I’m looking forward to trying other things with cream soap.  So make sure you Like and Follow me so you can stay update on all the interesting things you can do with the cream soap (bath whipped) your about to make.

Cream Soap (DIY)

Cream Soap Recipe:

  • 1 bar soap
  • 4-6 cups water
  • 1 tsp. Glycerin
  • 2 cups vegetable shortening
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 10-15 drops essential oils (optional)

Recipe Directions: Shred bar of soap and set aside. On low to medium heat place shredded soap into a pot with 4 cups of water adding more if needed. The soap will began to dissolve in the water(this process will take about 20-30 minutes). Some of the soap pieces may not dissolve.

Once done stir in glycerin and place into styrofoam cups and let the soap cool; once the soap is lukewarm it will start to thicken and set. If you let the soap set just take it out of the cups put in a microwave safe bowl for less than a minute until it becomes liquid again. No Hot Soap!!

While waiting on your soap to cool start working on your whip. In a large mixing bowl place vegetable shortening and coconut oil; began to whip your oils with an electric mixer until all the oils are thick.

Once done slowly add your liquid soap to the mixture, mixing and adding more soap. Keep doing this until all the liquid soap has been whipped into the cream.

Fold essential oils into cream soap and store an air tight container or glass jars.


    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      I made a bigger batch this time and it’s going strong for about three weeks. I have not had any rancid problems when I keep the soap covered; I have forgotten to put a lid on the jar and the whipped soap gets pretty hard..

  1. Sharon Willden says

    I am allergic to coconut oil. Can I make this soap without it? This looks like a fun idea. Thanks, Sharon

  2. F. F.Rizvi says

    Its really nice idea, I will try definately. Is there any replacement of vegitable shortening.

    F.F Rizvi

  3. Sharon Willden says

    Thanks Shundara & everyone else for answering my question about coconut oil. Wish me luck..I’ll be trying it this weekend :)

  4. says

    Love the texture and the look of your cream soap. I am definitely trying this TONIGHT. I though I would never find a re-batch recipe to do this. I have made my own version but it lacked the awesome fluffiness that yours has. Have you figured out how to up the lather any?

    • says

      Update im using Shea butter instead of veg. shorting i don’t like all the processed stuff in shortening also made my own soap and added some bentonite clay for a shave soap!!!!!!!! :) yey!

  5. Gulce says

    Hiiii , can we use just shea butter or coconut oil with total oil amount? Or olive oil ? I tried it actually with naturel olive oil but a day after its color changed and smelled different.

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      Essential and fragrance oils may help get rid of the olive oil smell. Natural olive oil deep color does change the color of products, so that’s normal. I don’t know about coconut oil because it can melt if temps get to warm and that may affect the soap. One reader did use just shea-butter and it turned out fine for her. Try it and let me know :)

  6. Maria says

    I’d definitely recommend using distilled water instead of regular tap water for this recipe. Since this recipe doesn’t have any preservative to help fight mild, fungus, or bacteria, using tap water (is got microbes & “things” in it) will shorten the shelf life.

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      I never had any problem with the whip soap going bad, the water is needed to melt the soap. It usually evaporates once the soap has melted.

  7. Bonnie says

    ive tested out a very small batch of this to see how it turned out.. it seemed a bit to much like body butter. which was cool but i was looking to make something less buttery and something that didnt use a dairy product… ive actually found that just water and soap do actually whip by themselves when heated so the shortening and coconut oil was unneeded. so i checked to see if there where any other tutorials for just bar soap and water which i did find. the tutorial stated that the glycerin is only needed if its a store bought soap bar which are stripped of glycerin where homemade bars are made with it in it. and it stated you needed 1:3 (soap to water)…

  8. julie says

    How much should you boil down the soap? Just until it all melts? Looks watery? Boil off more water? I’m half way there and realized I am confused. Thanks


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  2. […] Shred bar of soap and put it in a good safe place near you. Place shredded soap into a pot at low to medium heat with 4 cups of water, only add more if you need. The soap will  dissolve in the water. Once done, stir in glycerin and place in styrofoam cups and let the soap cool. To read more (and the rest of this DIY Cream Soap) just click here. […]

  3. […] This whipped soap recipe comes from SavyNaturalista who whipped up a batch of hardened liquid soap to create this light and fluffy whipped cream soap. For this recipe you need soap, coconut oil and glycerin. All the ingredients are easy to obtain and safe. This project would be great for tweens and teens looking at getting started in Soap Making. For the full tutorial and step by step photos visit her blog post. […]

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