Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

My tea stash is getting out of hand; I am thinking about making a cupboard just for my teas. I am now shoving tea into the cupboards and hoping it doesn’t come falling out once I open the cupboard. I am not organize I try to be organized but it becomes quite a handful, especially when your tea collection begins to take up more than three shelves in the cupboard.  If you didn’t know, now you know I am a huge fan of tea. When it comes to the temperature of boiling water for tea I have no clue what I am doing. I really just don’t get which tea’s do better in boiling water and which teas are not to be over boiled. There is a lot of tea etiquette out there and you will be tempted to want to dive in, but trust me stay away from the tea etiquette and just enjoy the tea.  I may not be good at tea etiquette but I can make you a mean ice tea with persimmon leaves (my new obsession) and boy it is to die for.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

I have always been a fan of green tea even before it became popular. It got to the point where everyone thought I made green tea look so good they had to try it. A few of my coworkers decided to try green tea and by the looks on their face (the look of what in the world are you drinking), I could tell they did not like green tea. The health benefits of green tea are remarkable, but there are even amazing benefits for your skin. My favorite green tea right now is matcha green tea or green tea powder; it is like taking a shot of espresso. It keeps you going all day long without the crash. I find that it works well in beauty treatments. Ever since I stared using green tea powder in my green tea sugar scrubs; I feel very calm and relaxed with a burst of energy.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub Recipe:

  • 1 ½ cup white sugar
  • 2 tsp. green tea powder
  • 2 green tea bags
  • 1 cup cconut oil

Recipe Directions: Open green tea bags and empty green tea leaves and set aside. In a bowl place white sugar, green tea powder and loose leaf tea leaves; mix together all the ingredients until the green tea powder is incorporated into the sugar. Then slowly add coconut oil and stir until all the mixture is covered in oil. Place in air tight container and store.

Green Tea Body Scrub



    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      It makes about 1-2 cups of sugar scrub.. If you would like more you may need to double the amounts.

    • Shundara@Savynaturalista says

      If unopened about a month, but if you open it may harden in the fridge, and about a few weeks in the cupboard. :)

        • Natalia says

          it might not be good for the face because of the coconut oil–coconut oil is the kind that can clog pores in the face, causing more break outs. if you make this scrub with jojoba oil it will be good for the face.

  1. andin says

    Georgeous! I use matcha too as mask, and drink it everyday (mix with turmeric milk). My skin loves it. I’ll try as scrub then, mixing it with my coffee scrub

  2. Lamia says

    Can I use this recipe for the single use cubes if I add soap base? I’m looking to make scrub cubes to accompany a whipped body butter.

  3. jude says

    I just pinned this, then went straight into my kitchen and made a batch. It smells heavenly!!! Just used it on my hands, and can’t wait to do a full body scrub. Also think my friends will love this as a gift. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. says

    I have got to try this. My stepdaughter suffers from acne. Plus she is in college so she has a lot of stress. I’ve been trying to make her some salves and scrubs that will help with both. Sounds like this recipe will do the job! Thanks!

  5. chanthy says

    Hi , could you tell me when will it expire after first open ? and what to add if i want to keep for longer about 6 months ? I hope you will answer my question. Thank you.


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