Fresh Cherry Scones (Low-fat)

Low fat Fresh Cherry Scones

 How come cherries don’t get as much hype as strawberries? I know you guys know there in season, I guess after the fourth of July they get less popular! Or maybe no one is crazy over cherries because they are such a time consuming fruit to deal with; especially if you don’t have a cherry […]

Monday Minute: Drink Up!

Monday Minute: Drink Up!

I am trying to keep Monday minute under a minute because I know they can get pretty long! Today we are talking about water and why you should be drinking it. Its summer, it’s hot, sticky and we need to stay hydrated. This will help prevent a heat stroke and any other damage to the […]

How to Make: Dried Cherries

Dried Cherries

   Summer has all the perks of seasonal fruit and cherries are one of them! Not only are they high in antioxidants they taste good as well. I prefer dried cherries because I’m a sucker for anything made in a dehydrator.  These cherries are pretty simple to make, and if you don’t have a cherry […]

Monday Minute: Keep Mosquitoes Away

Monday Minute: Keep Mosquitoes Away

I am a huge fan of humid weather, and when monsoon season hits the dry phoenix area I get excited! I am able to breathe through my nose without a sinus headache and my skin gets a bit of moisture back! The skin still needs to be protected at all times. In this video I […]

Wax Treats

Cotton Candy Wax Treat

Wax melts can be used as aromatherapy! They can put you in a better mood if you were in a bad one and relax you when you’ve had a hard day at work. You’re significant other and kids will enjoy the lovely aroma of fragrances that feel the house. Some fragrances are know to reduce […]

Pineapple Filling (Sugar-Free)

Pineapple Filling (Sugar-Free)

    Lately I have been trying to leave the whole food blog scene alone! I felt it was not my thing and even though I love food! I wanted the blog to go a different route. I was trying to phase out the recipe side of the blog, and I know it’s been a […]

How to: Cut Pineapple Chunks

Pineapple Chunks

  While pineapple is traditionally not an American fruit, and I have never known it to have to have a season. It seems pineapple has officially become a summer fruit (although I see it year round). Pineapple is definitely the essence of summer time. Pair it with coconut and you got yourself a pina colada […]

Monday Minute: Blueberry Tip

Monday Minute: Blueberry Tip

Lately I have been starting a lot of series on the blog, but this one I am the most excited about!!! It’s called Monday Minute. It’s pretty much a quick wellness or healthy tip! This week we are talking about blueberries (you know I’m obsessed)! Blueberry season is here, and it’s time for me to […]

Over Fertilization Update (Leaf Burn)

Over Fertilization Up Date

     It’s been about 2-3 weeks since my garden was over-fertilized! I was going to have Josh pull up everything and we were going to start from scratch, but he con me into giving it a few weeks (mainly because he did not want to do the work).Well I am glad we waited because the […]